Sunday 16 March 2014

A bit of a foodie week...

Well so much for getting back on track with my 5:2 diet after our trip to the UK.

Monday saw me start the diet, 500 calories that day, I thought ..yes this is going to be good, very encouraging. Started off with a beautiful sunny walk in the glorious French countryside..

Tuesday, we had to go into Angoulême, so we stopped off and had a Chinese for lunch. King Long, we haven't eaten at that one before. Have to say delicious it was too..but inside was telling me NO, you are trying to be good...I was, I didn't go for seconds :-)

Wednesday...well went for our morning walk, and then pottered in the garden.

Thursday, It was my 2nd fast day for the week...until hubby reminded me, I was having afternoon tea with the Ladies. ooooh ok, shame to let them down :-)  We had afternoon tea at a new B&B opened up in the next village from us, and in May they are opening their door to a tearoom, which for France is very unusual, but will be very welcoming. Lovely afternoon...great company, great food...and came up with some great ideas for the new owners..

Friday...Fast day, 500 cals, and what a beautiful day, went for our walk, then relaxed, pottered in the garden, the grass had just been mown, with the aroma of freshly cut grass certainly gives you the feel good factor. After lunch I relaxed in the sun reading my new magazine that had just been delivered.. and turned a very pretty pink colour..

Saturday, a misty start to the day, so we decided to go out for lunch :/ I thought , its a good job I have had 2 fast days this week, not that that would have made any difference..but wow, what a super lunch, it is one of our favourite restaurants One thing I love about this restaurant is their support in using local produce, all fresh and very tasty. Again, superb cannot fault it...everyone should visit this place.

After such a lovely week, we have also witnessed some amazing sunsets..


  1. What a lovely week. The food all looks superb. I have been trying the 5:2 diet, but since I added my plan to run 40 days during Lent, I'm finding that I can't fast on running days, so I'm down to only fasting the one day a week I don't run. Love the tea set and the look of that B&B.

  2. Marguerite, Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France today. I really enjoyed your close-up flower photos too. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme


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