Thursday 31 October 2013

A week with Rural French Life.

I thought I would share my last week with you from Rural France. It has been a week of mixed weather, rain, sunshine, mist and this morning our first taste of Frost, but soon disappeared and replaced by glorious sunshine and quite warm for the time of year.

Also this week we were excited to announce that our daughter Olivia & son-in-law Pete are expecting their 2nd child, a little brother or sister for Oscar, this will be our 7th grandchild.

Monday this week saw the start of my diet, I am having a go at the 5:2 diet, meaning 5 days of your normal daily diet (classed as feasting) , then 2 days of only 500 calories (classed as fasting). These fasting days should really not be consecutive thankfully, so I have decided this week it is Monday & today Thursday. Monday went really well although I did get hunger pangs mid afternoon, so was drinking more water, which seemed to see me out until Dinner time. My meals that day were: Breakfast: Banana & Vanilla Pouting yoghurt, and a cup of tea. Lunch: 1 poached egg on a piece of dry brown bread toast, (but did smear with a touch of brown sauce) mid afternoon a cup of tea, Dinner: Hot Chicken tossed in a salad, with just vinegar dressing, lots of water during the day. I did go to bed feeling a little hungry, and thought I wouldn't sleep, but did, and woke with excitement as it was a feast day..   :-)  :-)

Tuesday, Wednesday returned to my normal diet, which included a glass or 2 of Red ..

Today Thursday: Fast. Started my day with Banana & Vanilla pouring yoghurt, Lunch: home made Tomato & Red Pepper Soup, actually quite nice. Dinner, 2 slices of lean pork with vegetables. Violà.

We have had some lovely morning walks, waking up to mist across the garden, soon disappearing into a lovely warm day, the sun shone and the Russet tones of the foliage looks really beautiful. Saw some very pretty cobwebs twinkling like Diamonds in the sunshine, and the usual Mushrooms, which we leave to let other people forage. The birds seem to be out in force, possibly looking for food to stock up on for their long journeys ahead for the Winter. I must stock up my garden feeding stations. Said Bonjour to some amazing very large cows, grazing away in the fields, and stopping to give us the once over, and to see what we were up to...along with some young calfs.

A trip to the supermarket always delights us, as there are always new culinary delights for us to try..such a vast range of cheeses, wines and Fish, always spoilt for choice.

Halloween today, we received some lovely photos from the grandchildren, they had made their own Halloween Lanterns, and a first for Grandson Oscar. Great to see their outfits as well.

Again our usual amazing sunsets, reminding us that another day has ended, but have witness some beautiful sunrises as well, not full sunrises, but its lovely to see the sun popping up over the trees, letting us know a warm day is ahead, along with clear blue skies.


Wednesday 23 October 2013

Lunch at Cafe Portebleue in Verteuil-sur-Charente

We enjoy going out for our lunches, and are fortunate to have a few lovely restaurants close by for us to visit, and Cafe Portebleue is on of them. It is in the middle of a very pretty picturesque village of Verteuil -sur-Charente, which has an amazing Château embracing the village.

Cafe Portebleue stands on the main square in the village, and is visited by both English & French customers.

It is one of the restaurants to visit if your visiting the area. Excellent service, greeted and served by very friendly staff. A superb Menu du Jour including a glass of wine €13.75, or you can choose from an equally superb À la carte menu.

Lamb Kofta with a yoghurt mint dressing

Roast chicken with Pancetta crisp on a bed of Red cabbage

Apple crumble infused with orange and vanilla

The picturesque village of Verteuil.