Friday 14 June 2013

Our Feathered friends are back....

Lovely to look outside and see our feathered friends seems now the grandchildren have gone home, they must have thought ahhh peace again and popped out to say hello. It is the first time this year we have actually seen Turtle Doves...they are so beautiful to look at. We have a had a very handsome male Pheasant with fantastic markings and colours...also we have been visited by a pair of Collared Doves, great to see them back again...looks like we are going to have lots of company this Summer....... bring it on...   :-)

Collared Doves

Collared Doves


Here's looking at you kid..

Very Handsome chap

Fabulous markings

Stands proud

Great colours

Turtle Dove

Great colours

Two Turtle Doves..

Another handsome chap

My new Paella pan...

I have purchased a Paella pan, never had one before, so I can see this is going to be fun.... of course we had to have Paella the very evening.  We adapted a Hairy Bikers recipe, omitting moules only because we didn't have any as we do love moules.  I have pleasure in telling you it was a are some photos for you to enjoy...

Update on Potager & Orchard ...

Our Potager is thriving due to a lot of rain we have had, and the start of some warm sunshine...already had one batch of Broccoli.....looking forward to harvesting the rest...There is something quite comforting to know you can eat of the land, and very rewarding, especially if you are the one that has produced it, the satisfaction you get makes it all worth while.

Here are a few photos of the progress so far...





Tomatoes, many varieties

Rossi lettuce


Lettuces appearing from last year seeds




Currants, Red, Black and White






Monday 10 June 2013

An evening meal cooked by our son..Vraiment délicieux....

One evening our son Gavin decided he would cook us an evening meal, he is an excellent cook, so we were really looking forward to it..... we let him loose in the kitchen while we sat outside and had our evening apero in the sun...

A week in my life with our grandchildren, Morgan & Bobbi...

We have just had 2 off our grandchildren come and stay with us for a week.  Morgan & Bobbi arrived with their Mummy & Daddy. We have been having some horrendous weather with heavy rain and cold, which wasn't very pleasing as we had just put up an above ground pool for them to swim in.......but my wishes were granted,  and we had a fabulous, hot sunny week, and the pool was used every day. Morgan & Bobbi, thoroughly enjoyed their swimming and our morning walks ...Deer hunting...along with relaying home to Mummy & Daddy on the Walkie Talkies... as you can guess our walks were not the quietist, but a good warning to the wildlife...    :-)

Here are a weeks worth of photos to share with you our enjoyment of having our grandchildren to stay.

Meal times....

Apero time

Early morning walks...

Play time...

Cutting the grass with Grandad & Daddy...

We saw some amazing sunsets...

Saw these lovely Hares in a field...

Out for Lunch...


The Family