Thursday 28 March 2013

A Spring day in the garden...

We have had some super sunny weather these last few days, and had some lovely walks, and pottering in the garden and Potager.. I had a walk around the garden with my camera, as I could see the lovely pretty flowers that come with being Spring time, adding lovely splashes of colour popping out between the grass. The honeybees were busy collecting their pollen, and the butterflies flying about spreading their wings.

The days ended with some stunning sunsets...... and had a Full Moon..

Here are some of the lovely photos of what Spring is all about....

Monday 25 March 2013

Not so wild after all..

We have seen some animal farms on our travels lately, although I do like to see animals wild, these certainly looked well looked after. The Goats are local to where I live, and I think they farm in Goats milk and not cheese...Lovely to see the young lambs, a sure sign Spring is well and truly here. I loved seeing the herd of Deer, I managed to get reasonably close, they were more interested in me, as to what I may be doing....clicking away on my camera.....   :-)

Herd of Deers..

Local Goats..

Local sheep with Lambs..

Calm before the Storm...

 As it was a lovely evening the other night,  we thought we would go for a drive in the lovely French Countryside.  I enjoy going through the villages and seeing their architecture, the different shutters etc...

I noticed as we were driving around the changes in the sky,  I did comment saying I think a storm is coming. On route I was clicking away with my camera...... just look how many times the sky changed..  it certainly was the calm before the storm, albeit very beautiful..