Tuesday 29 May 2012

Scorchio today..

Woke up after a very muggy night, and the sun was shining through our bedroom skylights.  No walk today, dog gone into kennels for 2 days as I have an Operation tomorrow and got to stop in overnight, so getting ready.

Just had a lovely walk around the garden, so many new things to see and many seating areas, love sitting in dappled sunshine, just had out lunch in the shade.

My Tomato plants have got to be replaced , they have gone very leggy and died at the bottom, so have got some new ones ready to plant, but the rest is thriving, especially with the rain we have had and now glorious sunshine.

Monday 28 May 2012

Flowers from around the Garden..

These beautiful flowers are from around our garden...

Home alone....

Well it's out first morning without the Tiddlywinks and it does seem so quiet, had our walk in the beautiful sunshine and some dew on the shaded parts of the grass. Saw a deer but my camera battery went flat.......note to self..always charge the battery..  Lets see what today brings, speak again later..

Sunday 27 May 2012

Time to go home....

Today my blog was born......I hope you enjoy reading about my Rural French Life

It was a sad day for me today as our little Tiddlywinks Morgan & Bobbi (grandchildren) went home today, we have just had 10 lovely days with them. Bobbi and I baked cakes, and Morgan played Football with Grandad. We went on some lovely walks and saw some Deers, Hares, Birds of Prey and lots of smaller birds and even the pretty Hoopoe Birds. We even saw a Bat behind the shutter, and heard some Owls in the evening. We have eaten out at some lovely Restaurants and even went to a Chateau for a meal. We have had lots of laughs, and now that has come to an end until next time....