Sunday 1 June 2014

What a busy month..

                                                                          Welcome Hugo Jack born 7th May 2014

Wow what a busy month we have had last month...returning back to the UK for our new addition to the family, our 7th Grandchild Hugo born 7th May, a beautiful little brother for Oscar (aged 2.5) and renovating our new house.

Our trip back was quite tiring as we have been renovating our new house , we hopefully move in mid June, and this coinciding with the birth of Hugo made it a little stressful, as being off site while work was being done on our house, and not being there to make those important decisions, but wouldn't miss the birth of our latest grandchild for anything.

House doing well, ceilings down, windows replaced, bathrooms and toilets ripped out, en-suites created and doors blocked up and opened..and a jungle of a garden to be attacked....fortunately we have good workmen on site helping us with the work, and can slowly see it all falling into place now, with the exception of a few hick ups...and me changing my mind :/ ..... decisions, decisions...

Well time to set off for the UK, cases packed and we hit the road for our 6 hours drive to our overnight stop over, a lovely town called Abbeville, great place with great morning sun shining we head for the Euro tunnel, such a quick way to get from one country to another 35 mins...amazing.

French Roads


With only 2 days to go until the arrival of Hugo, our daughter and I do the hospital visit, observations etc as she had an elected c-section...and then the day arrived 7th May 2014...Hugo Jack was born...  :-)

Doing our "parent" job, we help our daughter (after her operation) with Hugo and our gorgeous grandson Oscar..Oscar was so gentle with his little brother, so much love already between them...heartwarming to see..

The middle weekend of our trip, we went to visit our other Tiddlywinks, Eden & Avah, and had a lovely lunch with them, then on to seeing Morgan & Bobbi and spent a couple of night with them...they are all growing up so fast....miss my family..   :-(

We had our usual junk food fest...Domino Pizza's

Oscar caught Chicken pox...been quite off with it and lots and lots of spots and itching, but on the road to recovery now..

Back to Rural France, the sun shining, we had our visit from the Deer, came quite near the house in the garden, a hare too, I can hear the pheasants...and plenty of birds singing away....

Well back to renovations...time to start getting back to finishing it off now...