Monday 18 August 2014

Tiddlywinks Part 2..

It has been 2 weeks since we picked the Tiddlywinks up...and it has been, busy,busy,busy..

Weather hasn't been too bad so plenty of time for outside activities and play..

In our village we have the River Charente that flows through the middle, we have taken the Tiddlywinks down for a paddle and they love it...also very pleasant to sit and watch them play with a stunning château in the back drop..

  We even found time to play in the local park...

We also swam at a beautiful place called Réjallant...very pretty place, lovely if you want to chill out and relax... a bit difficult with 4 grandchildren..

A long walk was a great way to spend a morning in glorious sunshine...exploring, and bramble eating.. :-)

In the village it held a Moules & Frites evening, with a Firework display later in the evening, be set off  from the château...this proved to be a success and a very impressive explosion of colours...  

Yesterday we had a lovely day, we were all invited to friends for lunch. The food was amazing , company entertaining and welcomed by some super hosts..even the tiddlywinks enjoyed it.  They even enjoyed eating Quails and Quails eggs...along with Moules, very continental...   :-)    Before and after lunch they went for a swim, and then finished off with a game of boules. 

In the evening we went along to our local village of Barro, where they had a fun day themed on was their Barrowood...  the Tiddlywinks loved the evening dancing...just finishing them off... as they were exhausted when they got home...

Time flies when your having fun......   :-)