Saturday 27 October 2012

Home-made Chestnut & Apple Stuffing..

After doing a few walks and seeing so many Sweet Chestnuts, I thought they really are too good to waste, so after foraging quite a few, I then go on the computer and see what I can at least make with them.....stuffing sprang to mind. So for a bit of a change I decided on Chestnut & Apple stuffing. I used all the fresh herbs from the garden.
Parsley, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage and the Onions. so well and truly a "Home made" Stuffing.


Wednesday 24 October 2012

Our stay at Château de Villiers..

Time to head back to Rural France after spending some time with the family in the UK.
We decided to have an overnight stop on the way back and stayed at a beautiful 15th Century Château. Château de Villiers is steeped with character and history, and the owners have tried to keep as much of it as original as possible. We stayed in Chambre de Lys, a beautiful big blue room, you could certainly feel the history in the room, and could imaging what it would have been like in it's day. The Château has a Moat all the way round, quite pleasing to see as I haven't seen on before. Our dinner in the evening was cooked by Fabienne the owner, and she dished up quite a delicious Medieval meal, recipes from the era. We dined in the Dining room that had a beautiful large stone fireplace, which was lit with logs burning away and having that woody smokey smell, with classical music playing in the background, as we were the only guest, we felt quite privileged to be eating and being waited on in such a manner.....quite and a cost...

Pizza with Eden & Avah..

Catching up with 2 of our other grandchildren Eden & Avah.  It is lovely seeing them as you notice the changes in them and how they have grown up. Eden was telling me all about his school, and how he has a love of Maths, he does extra Maths at lunchtime.  Avah is now enjoying her school fulltime , and it making many friends. They both love riding their bikes with Mummy & Daddy and all go on bike rides along the beach.

Next Summer Eden & Avah are coming to spend some time with us and to share and enjoy my Rural French Life.

Oscar's 1st Birthday...

While we were in the UK it was our youngest grandson Oscars 1st Birthday. He had a lovely party with all his friends and cousins. It was lovely for the family all to get together, he seems to have grown up so quickly, where has that little baby boy gone. Now mischievous and tries to get into everything, as curiosity is getting the better of him.

                               His Birthday cakes, 2 Chocolate ones made by Great Grandma Pat

                                                     Daddy playing..Pin the Donkey's tail.

                                                                    Mummy and Oscar


     Oscar with cousin Bobbi

                                                      Oscar with Bobbi playing Balloons