Thursday 24 April 2014

A week of walks and work..

Been a glorious week weather wise, giving us the opportunity to go for our morning walks. Birds singing away...

We saw horses and cows grazing and some Goats with their Billy's...springing about.

We had our visit from our resident Pheasant, he pops by gives a shout and then off again..

Billy Goats

Our first Swallow

This week saw some more brilliant sunsets, we are privileged to witness them, the advantage of living in a rural location.

Been a busy week sorting out the new house, arranging workmen, buying items for the house...hubby been having a great time, demolishing internal walls...I am sure it will look lovely when done :/

Wednesday 16 April 2014

What an adventurous week..

Wow what a week we have had, plenty of glorious sunshine, managed to fit in some walks, and we SOLD our house......but, we have bought another beautiful house in France, so as one Chapter closes another one opens.

Our walks were lovely, great to witness the buds popping out, greenery appearing on the trees, wildlife come to life, AND shorts & T shirt...its April ?? but I am sure it wont stay like that..and the Spring chill will return...but today lets enjoy the sunshine..

It has been a busy, emotional week, started packing, you don't realise actually how much stuff  "junk" you have, until you have to wrap each item in tissue, paper or bubble wrap...still a long way to go, but not moving out until June, so a bit of breathing space yet. Our new buyers are kindly letting us stay on as tenants until our other house had been renovated. (Thank you Julie & Ian)

Lots of back and forth to DIY shops, collecting flooring, picking window and hiring vans... but the ordering is just about done.

D Day was 14th April, sitting in a Notaires office and initialling numerous pieces of paper that all look important, but a lot of paperwork.. but quite a ceremonial occasion.. we now say goodbye to our old house and say Hello to our new one...with new ventures..

We saw our first Leveret running down out lane, such an active little thing, but very pretty. Cows in the fields with their calf's, all grazing in the grass..

Beautiful Spring days brought beautiful sunsets...I never tire of seeing them... Ideal to sit out and have an apero, with a taste of some local cheeses..

This week brought a new Moon, a Pink Moon..fortunately the sky was clear for me to take a photo,

Garden now getting into full bloom, all looking very colourful, bees buzzing and butterflies going from one flower to the next...

We finished our week at some friends...we had lunch to commemorate the death of Tommy Cooper who died 30 years ago. Food was amazing, glorious sunshine, we sat outside for Apero's, lovely chilled Pink Fizz, very refreshing. Tommy Cooper DVD playing in the background, and a few random and appropriate jokes thrown in during the meal. Great company, what a way to spend a leisurely Spring day ...