Monday 23 September 2013

Circuit-des-Remparts D' Angloulême..2013

This spectacular array of classic and modern cars, drove their way through the beautiful village of Verteuil sur Charente. It was a glorious sunny day, and it attracted an amazing amount of people to come and cheer them along. The cars were immaculate, they shone and gleamed in the sunlight. Old to young, they all seemed to be having a fabulous fun day.

The circuit-des-Remparts first race was in 1939.

Some photos of our nostalgic day out..

We will certainly be putting this in our Diary for next year...

This is the History of Circuit-des-Remparts...

• 1939Amongst the competitors in that first edition of the Circuit des Remparts were some of the greatest drivers of the time: Jean-Pierre WIMILLE, Roger LOYER, Maurice TRINTIGNANT and Raymond SOMMER who won driving an Alfa Romeo.
The Second World War meant that the next edition could not take place for another eight years.

Two car makers raced that year in their own designs: Amédée GORDINI, known as « le Sorcier » (the wizard), driving a Simca Gordini while René BONNET was at the wheel of his D.B which had Citroën front wheel drive mechanics.
However, it was another engineering genius, Eugene MARTIN, who claimed victory in his modified Frazer Nash.

• 1949Ferrari was now on the scene and after only two years this young Italian name already had a strong reputation as a winner, especially after  its victory  at the A.C.F Reims Grand Prix the year before. Two cars raced, a 166 Inter and a 166 F2, driven by DUDLEY-FOLLAND and the Count STERZI. However, Maurice TRINTIGNANT, at the wheel of a Simca Gordini, beat Count STERZI after he had to retire with the Ferraris broken engine having completed only 300 metres of the race. Second place went to Robert MANZIN who was also in a Simca Gordini.

• 1950
After his easy victory with a Maserati 4 CLT Fangio's career was off to a lightning start. His friend and compatriot GONZALES came third and the second place went to SIMON in a Simca Gordini.

• 1951
18 Formula 2 competitors went in the race in 7 different makes. There were two 40 lap qualification races and an 80 lap final. FISHER walked away with the victory in a Ferrari F2 well ahead of MANZON, SIMON and TRINTIGNANT in their Simca Gordinis. Second place went to MACKLIN in an H.W.M. just ahead of AUNAUD in his surprising D.B Panhard, which despite its small engine and torrential rain had outclassed many of the more powerful cars.

• 1955Possibly because four years earlier AUNAUD had shown he could give the big F 2's a run for their money, there were two grids this year; one of Monomills and the other of Special Sports Barchettas with Panhard or Renault engines. SAVARY won the first race and CARLUS the second. Sadly 1955 was the last year  the Circuit was to be used for true automobile races.

• 1978
The Circuit des Remparts was revived from its ashes supported by none other than Juan FANGIO himself.

• 1983The Circuit des Remparts was re-homologated and since then it has become an unmissable event for all historic automobile fanatics.

• 2008/2009
The anniversary years: 2008 celebrated thirty years of revival by the ACOCRA and 2009 was the seventieth anniversary of the Circuit des Remparts event.


  1. This looks like a terrific event and a gorgeous day for it. You got some great shots too. Thanks for playing along. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

    1. Thanks Paulita, it was an amazing day, and the weather couldn't have been better, maybe good for the spectators, for the drivers, with no air would have been very hot..

  2. Those are some great cars! We enjoy car shows in Missouri -- I'm sure you get some really different autos in France!

  3. Really looks like one fun and amazing day! I loved looking at the macros with the details of some of the cars. :)


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