Thursday 30 August 2012

Shopping in Poitiers..

Out shopping today to Poitiers. We had a lovely lunch and the sun was shining. Poitiers is a lovely city, it has great Architecture, with lots of shops and Restaurants, where people meet for lunch and a is some info on Poitiers.


Poitiers is a city on the Clain River in west central France. It is a commune and the captital of the Vienne department and of the Poitou-Charente region. The centre is picturesque and it's streets are interesting for predominant remains of historical architecture, especially from the Romanesque period.

Poitiers is twinned with Northampton,UK.

Here are a few photos I have taken of our day there.

Just had lunch

Water feature

Morgan & Bobbi

Hotel de Ville

Poitiers Cathedral

Poitiers Cathedral

Lovely Architecture

Side street

Bobbi, but fascinated by the people behind playing cards.

Wednesday 29 August 2012

A new wheelbarrow by talented artists.. :-)

A project the Grandchildren and Nephew and Niece had this visit was to paint a wheelbarrow for my garden. I am going to fill with flowers and look at it in my Orchard and think of the happy times they had painting it.

Nearly September and flowers in Bloom..

It's nearly September and the garden flowers are still in bloom, they look lovely and the colours still vibrant.

Saturday 25 August 2012

Lunch at Cheval Blanc in Luxé

A last minute decision today to go out for lunch at the Cheval Blanc, one of our favourite Restaurants. As usual superb, I think one of the best restaurants in the region that is excellent value for money i.e. 5 courses with a bottle of wine between 2 people for €19, the children's menu to include Cheese €7.?.  superb...The staff are very attentive and friendly, and the quality of the fresh food delicious.

The ambience of the Restaurant adds to the enjoyable lunch, people chatting, laughing and enjoying their meal, no urgency to hurry along, a lovely long relaxing way to spend the afternoon..

I have put some photos on for you to enjoy..

Mushroom Soup

Melon with Rosemary & Pineau Sorbet

Lamb with Garlic cream sauce

Children's Steak

Cheese Trolley

Peach Sponge with Strawberry ice cream and sugar basket

Petit Fours with Coffee

Lunch with Morgan & Bobbi

Bobbi enjoying her soup

Morgan enjoying his Melon with Rosemary & Pineau Sorbet

Bobbi enjoying the conversation on the next table.. :-)

beautiful fresh flowers on the table

Bobbi enjoying her Steak

Morgan enjoying his Cheese

Morgan enjoying his Steak

Thursday 23 August 2012

A family of Roe Deer..

Driving home one teatime last week, we had to stop to let a Doe and 2 Fawn cross the road, they then made their way down to where we live. These are Roe Deers, there are few of them that circulate our house and surrounding area.....obviously their home...

The photos are beautiful, I love it when I see a Deer, it reminds me that we live in Rural France.

Doe & Fawn cross the road

Fawn playing around

Fawn looking for the other


Just stood watching us

Going to find her Mum

Fawn in the field

Found her sister

Both trying to hide

Staying together