Friday 26 July 2013

Week one with the Tiddlywinks...2 weeks to go before parents arrive..

Setting off from the UK with 4 grandchildren..

Getting on the Eurotunnel

Well it's been nearly a week and the grandchildren are still surviving..  :-)   travelling from the UK in a car,  I thought it would be quite daunting but actually it went very well, we stopped half way at a beautiful place ...  we have stayed before, and Sarah the host was very tentative and very accommodating, and speaks very good English for those who would like to stop en-route from UK to France or vice versa.. the tiddlywinks had a lovely swim in her pool after a tiring day, to freshen them up. Up the next day for our 6 hr drive home. Plenty of stops we soon arrived home without any hiccups and the tiddlywinks very well behaved.

Sarah's Bed & breakfast

We arrive home..

We awake to glorious sunshine, and a swim in the pool was first on the agenda for the day. Fun & laughter could be heard for miles...fortunately we have no neighbours..

We decided to do a menu for the week and the tiddlywinks deciding on what we were having, and the day they picked they had to help cook dinner....this sounds far, so good..

pizza night was a fun night, great just leaving the fillings to them...and must say looked and tasted really nice.

Avah won the best Pizza (5yrs old)

Avah the winner with her Medal

We did Face painting..

Baked a cake..

Cutting the grass with Granddad..

We had hunt the ribbon in the Orchard, each child had a coloured ribbon and had to hunt them down....our winner was Eden. ( 7yrs old)

The Winner Eden..

In the mornings we have been walking the dog, they have had walking sticks and Morgan (10yrs) had his nettle detector.. :-)  although it has been extremely hot and very muggy, the tiddlywinks soon got tired....yipeeeeee the pool came to the rescue.

Love the Sunflowers that are out at the moment..

and another swim...

Out for lunch was a challenge we did expect some tears as to: who didn't like what , but fortunately the restaurant accommodated their needs..phew.. we ate at a lovely restaurant that we have been to before Cafe Portebleue in the stunning village of Verteuil sur Charente. This village is one of my favourites as it has a spectacular Chateau that stands proud at the side of the River Charente. Certainly a place to visit.

Home again and the pool to the rescue as the temperatures are hitting 37+ deg with hardly no air.. thunderstorms again tonight, last night storms were quite spectacular as it lit the night sky and we had lots of bangs and clashes....look like another sleepless night tonight..

Finishing off with a BBQ...

.........Vide grenier at the Weekend, the Tiddlywinks have money to burn in their this will be interesting seeing what they would like to purchase..

Catch up on my blog next week to see what week 2 brings.......    :-)