Monday 18 November 2013

Beautiful Art work by local Artist Alan Moir..

Yesterday saw us venturing out to a local British Christmas Market at Les Adjots a small village near the town of Ruffec.

There were some lovely exhibits there with homemade Christmas Cards, Jewellery and cakes. Some beautiful Scarfs, unusual designs, which would make great christmas gifts. There was also a lady selling her own soap from Goats Milk, she has her own Goats, and actually lives in our village. I have used these soaps before and its beautiful and soft, doesn't dry your skin...

Then we came across a Local Artist Alan Moir, his work really stood out and soon got our attention, as we noticed our dog Maisie (Art form) sitting proud on his display table, he had done a painting of her, and stunning it was too.  Alan's work is so accurate and precise, and its lovely to see your pet through the eye of an Artist. He had a great array of work, from Animals, pets, floral, village scenes and children... all very admirable.

Alan does do Commission work and it was lovely to hear he got a few commissions at the Market.

If you would like to commission Alan for a beautiful portrait of your pets, or even children & grandchildren, Alan can be contacted via email :     

Here is some of Alan's work:



  1. Marguerite, That market sounds so fun. I'd love some of that goat's milk soap. We bring home soap from France every time we visit. Are you going to pay for a portrait? Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  2. Hi Paulita, Maisie our dog, is the Beagle, one of the portraits. It's her double. x

  3. I love the paintings. My daughter has just taken a Beagle from a rehoming centre. At the minute although it's a lovely dog she is a bit of a delinquent. Here's to the training...

  4. It's one of my regrets that I can't paint. What a wonderful skill it is. How lovely to see your dog immortalised that way. Interesting that there is a British Christmas Market too.


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