Monday 4 November 2013

A "Vignerons et Gourmets" Fair in Saint-Junien.

Saturday saw us venturing out on a very rainy day to a Wine & Food Fair, in a beautiful little town of Saint-Junien. Never been to this Fair before so we were not quite sure what we would find. On arrival we were presented with a wine glass for the Wine tasting and a ticket for the Tombola ( we didn't win).
Off we toddled around the numerous stalls full of culinary delights, cheeses, saucisse, chocolates, breads and Confitures along with delicious Wines and Brandy's. As hubby was driving it was down to me to do most of the tasting, well the alcohol, I didn't find that too difficult :-) We did actually make some Wine and Brandy purchases, mainly Christmas Gifts. We also tasted some Vinaigrettes , which were unusual, but a great idea as they came in a spray to spray on Salads and meats. So I will be looking forward to trying those.

We noticed in the big hall where the Fair was held, that they had a local restaurant come in and do a lunch, it looked really lovely, set out with white linen and napkins. We thought it would be quite nice to try the food, so promptly went in for our lunch. 3 course meal for €19, we thought was excellent value. We got chatting away to some French people sat next to us, very jolly people and very friendly, that friendly we got invited to a party in December but unfortunately we are in the UK, otherwise we would have gone. They even offered us a glass of wine from their bottle, as they said it was friendly....that it was.
The food was really delicious, and we had some very pleasant company.

Overall a very lovely way to spend a wet Saturday....

Our lunch..


  1. Marguerite, What an experience. Makes me even more jealous that I don't live in France.

    1. It was an experience, especially wine tasting at 11am in the morning :-) but very enjoyable, France certainly offers you many experiences, thats why we love France, a great way of life.

  2. looks like a delicious way to spend the day.

  3. What a great day, lunch looks so fabulous, especially that pumpkin soup (Australians love pumpkin soup, me especially), I bet the foie gras foam was incredible- pretty amazing that was part of a 19 euro meal. And lovely to have such convivial neighbours.


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