Saturday 31 August 2013

We have joined a Golf club..

Hubby and I used to play Golf quite often when we lived in the UK, as it was part of my job, and had the opportunity to work/play on 2 Championship Golf Courses. We thoroughly enjoyed our games and competitions together and where still married at the end of it  :-)

After a spell of 5 years, and moving to France we haven't had the chance to play, so we have made the decision it is something we can do together, now we have retired and have the time on our hands.


Inside the Clubhouse



my clubs

The Golf course we have chosen is about 1 hr away, a very pretty Golf course, and will help us get back into the swing  ;-)  the course is surrounded by forests, and we have birds of prey flying and mewing above us...and there is cattle in the fields along with hay bales...very peaceful..

There is nothing more pleasing when you have finished 18 holes of Golf,  than the very tiring walk to the 19th hole for a lovely cold glass of Beer.

Watch this space for our progress...

Fairway to Green

The Clubhouse

Cold Beer

beautiful scenery





Cattle in the background

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