Thursday 28 June 2012

Hissing Sid...Western Whip Snake

Another hot day today, so haven't done much gardening, just watered the Jardin and Potager, but now I have done it , it feels muggy, enough for a storm.

Last night we came across these..just outside..heat got to them too :-)

It occupies all types of habitat with a preference for dry, quiet areas – open woodlands and land which is left to scrub or fallow, sometimes to be found near rivers or other wet areas. It is an extraordinary hunter; its prey varies with local availability and it will take small mammals, small birds, frogs, lizards etc. It has also been known to eat adders and even its own species. 

Once I got over the shock I had an Apero..

The abbey of Affligem was founded on June 28th, 1062, and was known to have been brewing beer in 1574. The brand name is used under licence from the monks of Affligem, by the Op-Ale brewery in the neighbouring village of Opwijk. The brewery is now owned by Heineken International, who have renamed it the Affligem brewery and market the beers internationally.

Then had a lovely tea cooked by Hubby, Homemade Fishcakes with a Chilli Dip..yummy...

Then Maisie decided to eat my Blackcurrants...

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  1. Well done for those great photos of the snakes. We once had a similar pair mating in the lane, but by the time I'd got my camera they'd vanished. Beautiful creatures.


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