Sunday 2 November 2014

What an amazing Autumn.

We have had the most amazing Autumn...the weather has been glorious, blue skies, and lovely warm days. The colours have been stunning and vibrant, lovely russets to reds.....a season I find beautiful, seeing the seasonal changes can be so pretty..the scenery stunning..

We have a lovely local goat farm and they come and greet us as we walk by, even a pot bellied pig...

The colours beautiful..

We have done plenty of walks around our village, it is great seeing the changes at different times of the year. The maize fields are ready to be cropped, the corn is well and truly ready. I have been feeding our birds, and daily we have new ones coming for a visit. We do have a resident Robin, he keeps guard and very territorial.

We have even managed to stop for a few coffees, teas and brioche in our local restaurant by the side of the River Charente....

Le Moulin where we have our coffee

Birds are enjoying their meals..

We have had a few delicious meals out, and been trying some new restaurants as well.

New in our area :-)

Well Winter is slowly the cranes are telling me, they have flown over recently a sure sign that the weather is going to change...

I went to my first ever crochet class the other day. Very enjoyable, I am thinking of the long dark Winter nights...this will keep me busy sat beside the log burning fire...I feel like my grannie and should have a shawl too....I could crochet one :-)

Our log burner is new, so we have been seasoning it, been a bit warm a few evenings, but it does give you a very cozy, toasty feeling.....just needs hot chocolate and marshmallows... they are on my list ...

Over the months we have adopted a few kittens and mum, they were hanging around the house and thought it was time to take responsibility for them. We have managed to re-home 2 of the kittens, we have kept mum ( Camille) & one kitten ( Lola).

Lola at the front.


We have just had Halloween...we have noticed this year, children have dressed up more and enjoying making their Jack- o'- lanterns... especially our grandchildren...

I received this lovely plant for our friends for Halloween, I love the colours..


  1. Lovely pictures one and all! Such a beautiful area where you are. Do you know the name of the little bird with the yellow and blue/black chest, white cheek, greenish back? I've seen it in England and France and don't know the name.

    1. Hi Louise, It's a Great tit...lovely bird, visits us daily.

  2. Marguerite, Your pictures perfectly capture Autumn in rural France. The sky and those long shadows are beautiful. I would love to be you for a few days! But I would not go to McDonalds. Famous last words, I know. Thanks so much for playing along with Dreaming of France.


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