Sunday 20 January 2013

Just walking in the snow.......and then Deer

A lovely surprise to be waking up to snow this morning...we got woken up by our cat Evie, she was on our roof and was wiping the snow of the skylight right above our heads...we did wonder what it was, her way of saying get up I want feeding... :-)

After breakfast, we got wrapped up and ventured out into the snow, there is nothing nicer than walking on snow when no one else has been on it...all ours...

Clicking away with my camera, when I saw in the distance a Doe with Fawn....I had my camera at the ready and snapped away...they were quite a way away, so was hoping the photos would be ok....

I love seeing Deer when out walking, it really makes it all worth while, and makes living in Rural France, such an advantage if you want to see wildlife.

Maisie (the dog) was enjoying the snow, although we could see she was picking up on the Deer scent... but distracted her quite well..  It was so quiet, and peaceful, it was if a part of France belonged to us and us only....

Home now, hubby cutting more wood, and Croissants in the oven for a late brunch..the aroma is making me really hungry..

Wood being chopped for more snowy weather...

I tried to capture the walk in photos, I hope you enjoy seeing them..


  1. What lovely captures of your solitary, peaceful walk. We have very cold weather today.
    Will you link to my Dreaming of France meme today? Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

    1. Thanks Paulita...have visited your Meme..have put it in my diary for next week :-) x

  2. Love the pictures, very beautiful! And those croissants not bad at all...lovely!

  3. I like looking at snow photos but have no desire to walk in it LOL.
    Must be from all those winters in MOntreal!!

  4. What an amazing series of pictures, it's almost like being there to walk with you. How wonderful to see those deer.


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