Sunday, 23 September 2012

Vide Grenier in Tusson

A beautiful sunny day today, so we decided to visit a Vide Grenier in Tusson. Lots of the usual French items for sale....basically rubbish :-) but vintage rubbish, so that made it more interesting. I love rummaging through the old farming tools, and old photos and frames etc. We did make a purchase though that went down very well........ a Hotdog.

In the village of Tusson they have some lovely Murals, this is seen quite often in French Villages, also in Tusson they have a Sculpture called Marc Deligny.

Tusson was previously a centre for the trading of Donkeys. Marguerite of Angoulême also built an Abbey in the Village....   :-)

Here are a few photos of our day out...

Vide Grenier..

The Murals in Tusson

The Sculpture Marc Deligny

Sat in the garden this afternoon and had a relaxing Beer in the Sunshine..

Temp in the shade at 4:45pm..

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