Tuesday 10 July 2012

What an eventful day in the Jardin..

Well we were out today tidying the garden, weeding and cutting the grass, so it's all done, and not have to worry about it while we are away in the UK for a few days. It was a mild day, not much sunshine which was good, as we could get a lot more work done.

Lizard Eggs

I was weeding the Herb Garden, hoeing away, when I came across little white ball things, they looked a bit like Mint Imperials, didn't pay much attention until a few more appeared. I decided to stop and try and work out what they were. After a bit of research I was told they were Lizard eggs, by this time it was to late, as they had now been exposed they are more than likely to die, so felt quite sad.

In the afternoon, we finished off the gardening, my hubby was cutting the grass on the sit on mower when he came across a Great Green Bush Cricket, it was very big. So strange to see these 2 things happening in one day, and never seen them before. I suppose the joys of living in Rural France.

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