Saturday, 11 April 2015

It doesn't get better than this......

Spring has sprung.....

We are very fortunate to live in a beautiful part of France, the Charente, the 2nd sunniest place in France.

This time of year sees everything Spring back into life....trees budding, blossom appearing on the fruit trees, birds singing and nesting....and some babies have already appeared...even the air smells fresh.

We have had some glorious "hot" sunshine days...the warmth on your back brings back those lovely memories that Summer is just around the corner.

We had our friends round for Easter Sunday Lunch.  Superb food and company....What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon..

Dining out with my lunching ladies has started, so it's great to catch up and hear what everyone has been doing.

We went to our 1st Vide Grenier for this looking, and admit buying other peoples junk :-) It is amazing what people will sell.....and buy..

Out walking has been great these last few weeks, I go Nordic walking with a friend, and we have certainly been seeing the season change...

On our walk we pass some lovely Goats...and we have noticed we have 3 new additions...

...and pot bellied pig..


even Donkeys :-)

....beautiful blossom & bloom.....

I have also started in the garden, my Potager. Two raised beds already, now time to fill them.. :-)

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