Monday, 10 February 2014

Our week with our grandson Oscar..

Well that week went very quickly....last Sunday our grandson Oscar (2) arrived with Mummy & Daddy for his week in Rural France.

Our grandson Oscar

The arrival....

Oscar on the plane

Oscar arriving at the airport

Oscar cuddling popopps

Although the weather wasn't very pleasant, it didn't stop us having lots of fun, and some great walks...the rain left us with lots of puddles...and as they were muddy, Oscar called them muddles...which seemed quite appropriate..

Oscar loved pushing baby about in her pushchair ( belong to our granddaughters) ...especially through the  puddles..the bigger the splash...the better..  :-)

High above poppops shoulders Oscar enjoyed sitting, taking in the view from a higher level and telling us what was ahead... and telling poppops to jump in the puddles..

Oscar on daddies shoulders

Having a look around

Oscar on popopps shoulders
Some climbing

Oscar on popopps shoulders

Oscar on popopps shoulders

Oscar on popopps shoulders

Exploring with Popopps

Playtime in the garden with Popopps

Giggle time with Daddy

Oscar enjoyed his ventures to the restaurants, he had some lovely meals , but seemed to enjoy his chips with red dip...doesn't matter what country you are in..Chips and red dip wins every time.

Oscar tasting Lapin Terrine (Rabbit)

Chips with Red Dip

Waiting patiently

Waiting patiently

Ice cream is nice

Popopps, Mummy & Daddy

On rainy days we decided to do some Art, our budding little artist enjoyed his painting, and a sculptor in the making with his creations from Play-doh... also lots of Action Men time..

Duplo was another pastime of his...lots of beep, beep..on his garbage truck...toing & froing anything he could find, from pieces of paper to empty cartons...he was then putting them on the dump..

Had fun wearing Nannies gardening hat..

Lots of cycling.....Tour de France...

Lots of fun at Happy Land in Angoulême

Went shopping, so enjoyed driving around in my car..

We past a Deer farm with a variety of Deers, which he loved to see....our own local wild deer didn't want to visit while he was here... but they are having their young, so staying out of the way..especially as there are still chasse (hunters) about.

Some beautiful sunshine walks with Mummy & Daddy..

Rural French countryside..

Well after all that playing and jumping in the muddles...bath time..

Have you had a good time Oscar at Nannie & Popopps house?....

That was such a tiring week....

but I loved being with Nannie & Popopps......and we love being with you  ...


  1. What a cutie he is! Looks a wonderful week for all.

    1. Thanks Louise, he is a real cutie, we had a great can't beat sharing time with family..x

  2. Terrific adventures in rural France. What a great opportunity for all of you. Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France today.

    1. Hi Paulita...great adventures in Rural France and some great memories..

  3. Sounds like a very happy week for all!

    1. Great week Sally, lots of fun & laughter with a very comical little boy..

  4. I have one huge complaint, next time please turn the camera over to someone else so we can see Oscar with Nannie. Not one photo of you.
    Everything else was wonderful. You have the best site on FB. Love you.

    1. I will make sure we take a photo of Nannie & Oscar, just for you Ted :-) x

  5. Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France today. By the way, your bathtub is gorgeous. No wonder Oscar loved his bath time.

  6. These are the moments to be cherished. Wonderful pics.


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