Saturday, 7 March 2015

Spring has Sprung..

What a glorious day, we have had a few lately so there is a feel in the air that Spring has sprung. Clear blue skies, beautiful sunshine..and the awakening to the Dawn chorus....

I have started doing Nordic walking with a friend. We have been doing this since just before Christmas. We do between 4-5 miles 3 days a week. We leave early in the morning so we can capture the early morning sun  ( and rain :-/ ) Seeing the blue skies gives us a spring in our step..what a better way to walk in the French countryside listening to the birds, and seeing the new growth sprouting in the fields, and the buds appearing on the trees. We arrive back home with rosy cheeks...but feel quite invigorated.

In the garden, the Spring crocuses are in their full glory along with the daffodils.

The birds are in full flight, eating away at my bird feeders.

Today I saw my 1st White tailed bumble bee, along with 2 yellow butterflies....such a promising warmer weather is on it's way..

We have also just had our Full "Worm" Spring is here...

Finishing of with some great sunsets too...

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  1. It is still a bit of a Michigan winter here, but your flowers give me great hope that soon spring will come to our parts as well. What a wonderful season and wake-up it is!


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