Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Vendange with friends..

Today has been our first ever vendange. Our friends have a few vines and invited us to join them for a day of Grape Harvesting, with a group of our other friends..

What a superb day....glorious sunshine with a clear blue sky. The sun warming our backs as we clip away the bunches of grapes, with a few being quality controlled by ourselves.

After collection we separated the grapes from the stalks, and took away any bad grapes that may have sneaked in...then off to the press they they are fermenting in their containers.

We stopped for a spot of lunch hosted by the vignerons . A traditional French lunch, of a hearty Chicken stew with crusty bread, cheese and then dessert, washed down with a glass or two of red... and all gathered round a rustic table in an un-renovated house. So very was lovely.

Looking forward to tasting the finished product.. :-)

Hard work but a job well done....would I do it again...definitely.. :-)



The team


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