Sunday, 10 August 2014

Tiddlywinks have arrived for Boot Camp..

Well the Tiddlywinks were picked up by hubby and I last Monday to make our way back to France. They were all excited and could just about see them in the car. It was piled high, with 4 children's belongings and 2 adults...

We stop on our way down France at a place in Abbeville, we all like it there, its a great place and a beautiful swimming pool that the tiddlywinks thoroughly enjoyed.

Breakfast in Abbeville

We arrived to our house in glorious sunshine...time to get unpacked, get some food and a play in the garden, going to bed shattered...

Up wide awake and raring to go...had an early morning swim down our local river not far from our village, a place called Réjallant. It is absolutely stunning and a safe and clean place for them to swim. We have done this now every morning since they have arrived.

Snack time, Pain au Chocolate

Stunning Réjallant, very fortunate to live 5 mins away..

Den building..and tree climbing..

Den building

Morgan & Eden enjoying little jobs given to them to do, either in the garden or around the house..

More fun to be be continued.. :-)


  1. What terrific memories you are building for your grandchildren. Do they like your new house? The swimming hole (that's what we would call it in the southern U.S.) along the river is definitely something they will tell stories about for years to come. Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France today. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  2. Yes, what a great summer holiday they will have. Swimming in the river every day, and fuelling on pains au chocolat!


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