Monday, 7 July 2014

Time flying by...

Our Village

It seems ages since I wrote on my blog and so much has happened...we moved house :-) , we now live in a beautiful village with a breathtaking Château, and the River Charente runs through the village....we are enjoying walking down to the Boulangerie and getting our bread and croissants, and stopping for coffee to watch the world go by...

Our coffee & croissants 

We have managed to have a lovely lunch in the restaurant Saint-Jean in another pretty village,
Nanteuil en vallee.. a lovely restaurant with superb food.

We have been to the  Moules & Frites nights in a couple of our local villages. They have been great evenings, and having a laugh with some good friends and its lovely to see such a good turn out of people especially for such small of the things I love about France.

In the village of Barro

                                                                                    In the village of Verteuil.

We have been down to the village Salle de Fete to watch the Football, France was doing well...

We got a lovely bottle of wine and card from the owners of our old house, to welcome us into our new house. We have become friends, which is lovely, but very strange going back to visit our old house..

Work is progressing well on the house, so I will do some before and after photos....

This is a view from one of the bedroom windows... lovely just to lay back and watch the birds singing away..

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  1. Marguerite, What a picturesque village you have moved to. I can't wait to see more photos of your new house. It looks like you've managed to get out and visit plenty of places. A dream retirement in France. I think you posted the web address for an older post on Dreaming of France. Thanks for playing along today. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme


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