Sunday, 6 October 2013

Our trip to Paris Day 1..Galeries Lafayette, Sacre Coeur & Eating out..

Just back from our amazing few days in Paris. We have been before and did the usual touristy sights, which were amazing and certainly needed more than a few days to tour Paris. This trip was for us to visit a favourite singer of ours Caro Emerald, a very up and coming female artist, but will do a page on her alone.

We loved walking around the busy street and doing our people watching, sitting in bars having a coffee or a Beer, and enjoying our lunches out....

We did some window shopping in Galeries Lafayette, what an amazing building. Such class. The store has 5 floors, with Balconies and spectacular 33-metre high Glass dome, 10 painted windows encapsulated in rich metallic frames and decorated in a sculpted floral motif.

The mother ship of all department stores. One of the grandest shopping complexes in the country, perhaps in the world. Galeries Lafayette's so amazing not only due to it's sheer size, but also due to the amazing collection of designers, brands and perhaps every little bit of current consumer culture available anywhere.

My purchase, a pink charm, for Breast Cancer awareness month.

Time for Coffee.

Dining out....

Eating in France is a challenge in itself due to the vast number of restaurants catering for all, from nearly every part of the world. Italian food (won't say it too loud) is my favourite food, so for lunch we decided to eat Italian. Started off with Garlic bread, then I had a Hawaiian Pizza, my favourite....delicious, washed down with a glass of red wine. Tasted delicious...

After lunch we had a walk around the shops, I did make a purchase two I need them, but you can never have too many handbags.

Time for a quick Beer..

Much to our surprise, as we were walking around I saw this lady walking towards us with 2 other people with was only Caro Emerald, the singer we have come to see in Paris... after much debating, we decided to ask her  if she would mind if we had our photo taken with her....she was lovely and agreed, with her arms around us too...a really lovely lady..

We enjoyed walking around Montmartre district of Paris...home of Basilica of the Sacré Coeur.
Construction was started in 1875 and was finished in 1914. It was built from Travertine stone.It was consecrated after the end of World War 1in 1919. An amazing Catholic Church, you feel the warmth from the building as soon as you enter, and such a calm comes over you...certainly somewhere were you could have that private moment of prayer...

Heading back to our hotel now, for a relax, shower and ready for our night out to be entertained by ...Caro Emerald..


  1. What fun to run into Caro while you were in Paris. Love the charm bracelet and the ceiling of the store is amazing. I never go in big stores in Paris, but maybe I should.

    1. Love Paris Paulita, like the hustle and bustle etc, buildings ,food etc, but it was nice to come home to peace and quiet and no fumes :-)

  2. How fantastic to run into Caro! I hadn't heard of her before, but am just listening to her video on youtube- she's great. I love Galeries Lafayette. That dome is magnificent. They have a wondrous food section that is well worth visiting. Sacre Couer is certainly a beautiful building, but the whole area is too crowded for me to enjoy it greatly.

    1. Paris is beautiful, so much to see and take in... You could spend thousands of pounds in Galeries Lafayette :-) Seeing Caro was the highlight of our trip...lovely lady and singer.

  3. Love these photos -- two places that I meant to get to in Paris but didn't make it. How cool that you got a photo with the singer and that she was so sweet. That picture is precious!

  4. What a splendid post, reminding me of so many favorite spots! How serendipitous to encounter Caro Emerald! And how lovely to be able to escape to Paris for a few days! I think that is the dream of so many of us!


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