Sunday, 20 October 2013

A week with Rural French Life in Autumn..

Done some beautiful walks this week, in between glorious sunshine. Love the Autumn colours as you may have guessed..  :-)

Crisp leaves under your feet, when we had our lovely dry days and quite soggy ones after the rain...but was still lovely all the same. Sweet Chestnuts are falling from the trees, there are hundreds, we collected them last year and made some Chestnut stuffing, all I can say it was different, and haven't collected any this year :-)

Walking through the trees are so pretty, we can still hear the birds singing away,  I love dappled sunshine..

We have started going out on evening walks as well, as the evenings have been so pretty and warm, we wanted to get the last of our Vitamin D for the day.... We saw Deer having their evening graze as they do like to come out at Dusk...with the mozzies, so it was a quick click with the Camera then head home.

Sunsets have been like pieces of Art, glowing colours, drifting along the evening skies...quite spectacular..

Full Moon time again this week, managed to catch it in between some clouds, beautiful all the same.

Locally we have a very well organised Hope Book Fair, it was a charity Book Fair for animals, there were hundreds of books all €1, I was in my element, actually could have bought them all if I had room :-) There is something about books that give you the feel good factor....possibly the way they can take you away from your normal daily walk of life....although I have a Kindle, I still do enjoy reading from a book and the smell of a book... After a few purchases we stopped and had our cuppa with a delicious piece of homemade coffee & Walnut cake..

Oops, been here before..

Our purchases

mmmm Coffee & Walnut cake


  1. Some beautiful photographs.
    The books and DVDs should give you plenty to do as autumn moves towards winter.
    That coffee and walnut cake looks delicious!

  2. Great photos! Your walks look spectacular. I went to a used book sale on the weekend, and bagged lots of bargains too. Fabulous that you were able to get books in English.

  3. So jealous of your walks and beautiful sunsets. You moon photo was fabulous too. Thanks for playing along. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  4. Great photos! Hate mozzies!!! I also use an e-book reader but can't resist a book sale.

  5. Looks like a beautiful time of year in rural France! I love those sunsets. And, of course, the books.

  6. What beautiful pictures! We're so sorry we missed the chestnuts this year. Hopefully catch up with you in November? We're over on 7th for two weeks. Emma xx


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