Monday, 14 October 2013

Come said the Wind to the leaves one day..Autumn is here, let's go out to play...

The Autumnal weather is really here, misty and damp with the odd warm sunny day. Walking through the morning dew, and the mist in the can actually smell Autumn.

October's the month
When the smallest breeze
Gives us a shower
Of Autumn leaves.
Bonfires and pumpkins,
Leaves sailing down-
October is Red
And Golden and brown....

Autumn is a lovely time of year, still clinging to the warmth and rays of the sunshine, and Winter around the corner grabbing those short frosty morning...a tug of war...

Russet colours, with tones of brown, and a splash of Red the glow of warmth...or telling us, time to get wrapped up..

Sweet Chestnut's

Our walk yesterday was full of Fungi, it's the time of year to pick the Mushrooms, something I haven't done or ever likely to do, but we do see lots of people parked up in their cars, strolling the road side for these edible mushrooms......pleased they know what they are picking... There were plenty on our walk, all different species..

Roe Deer & Red Deer out with their Fawns, grazing the last of the shoots that are still popping up . I love seeing them, reminds me of how Rural I live, and how fortunate we are to see such glory.

Rutting season is around the corner.... start of new beginnings, and to show who is top dog...or in this buck...

Not my photo


  1. Lovely photos! We are having one of the nicest autumns in many years here in Toronto. Lots of sunny days and warm temperatures.

    1. Hi Jackie...thank you, love Autumn colours, so rich looking,even better if you have a blue sky too...x

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Joy, Autumn in France is beautiful, so many Russet and Golden colours, especially if the sun is shining on them.

  3. What a lovely series of photos, "nearly" as good as being there.

    1. Hi Louise, I think you can only capture Autumn by photos, seeing is believing...

  4. Wow, you found some true signs of autumn. Love all the photos, but the spider web is my favorite. I would be so nervous about eating fungi that I gathered myself. Thanks for playing along today.

    1. Hi Paulita, Autumn is a lovely time of year, so many changes...leaves falling, Sweet Chestnuts falling...and the Fungi is out in force, beautiful to see but not for picking.... well by me anyway :-)

  5. Hi just came over from Paulita's blog , and Dreaming of France .. You certainly have an amaze array of wonderful things to photograph , and just look at those fab colours. yes you do have to be very carefully when Fungi Foraying , but I am sure it is fun to do , especially if you could of had an experienced picker with you , I did once in the last place I lived , and we went out on a Fungi Foray and cooked them after . Thanks for sharing Anne


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