Friday, 31 May 2013

Our visitors are back..

We love the Wildlife that surrounds our house, especially the Deers, only yesterday we had a visit from them in the garden, they were skittering about..... a pleasure to watch. Here are a few photos of them in the garden.

One Antler missing

Having a graze

Nibbling the Apple tree

Nibbling the Apple tree

Having a walk around

Having a look around

Both making their way home

Have I been spotted

Can you see me?

Such a beauty

One Antler missing

Checking if we are still here



  1. How funny that the deer has only one antler. I wonder why. Maybe next year he'll get two. I love the gawky, surprised look of the deer spotting you. I think deer are beautiful, but they don't come around my garden. I know some people are annoyed by them.

  2. A French unicorn! How wonderful.


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