Thursday, 28 March 2013

A Spring day in the garden...

We have had some super sunny weather these last few days, and had some lovely walks, and pottering in the garden and Potager.. I had a walk around the garden with my camera, as I could see the lovely pretty flowers that come with being Spring time, adding lovely splashes of colour popping out between the grass. The honeybees were busy collecting their pollen, and the butterflies flying about spreading their wings.

The days ended with some stunning sunsets...... and had a Full Moon..

Here are some of the lovely photos of what Spring is all about....


  1. Hi Marguerite, how lovely it is to at last see the signs that everything is coming back to life, when weeding it is almost a shame to pull up the brilliant yellow of the dandelion so we have left them there too, the sound of bees buzzing about there business is so comforting and transports me straight back to childhood summers, soon it will be warm enough to commence the real gardening.

  2. Terrific photos. You must be far ahead of us with bees and butterflies already. The birds are singing raucously most mornings, but the flora is a little slower to proclaim spring here this year.


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