Thursday, 7 February 2013

Spring is here....

Had a beautiful walk this morning, weather very Spring like , blue sky, glorious sunshine and it was quite mild for the time of year. Started to notice buds on the trees, little shoots appearing out of the ground. Dappled sunshine as we walk through the woods. We saw a fox but unfortunately my camera wasn't quick enough, but Maisie (the dog) oh yes she spotted she was doing her hunting howl, chasing it, but the fox was too fast for her (fortunately). Half an hour later she caught us up, tongue about touching the ground, that will teach her.

Anyway, the birds were singing away in the trees, we saw a couple of Busards, and Buzzards, love watching them skimming the ground catching their prey.

Lovely to feel and smell that Spring has for the wildlife to come alive..large and small.

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