Thursday, 31 January 2013

A drive in the French Countryside..

Had a drive out this afternoon as I was going stir crazy and wanted some fresh air, so we decided to have a drive around beautiful French countryside. The sun came out and blue skies appeared. We came across some lovely rivers, churches, a Chateau and lovely monument in St Claud. French cemeteries have always fascinated me (strange I know) but they do, another day I will do the rounds of the cemeteries. Amazing skies transformed the sky as the afternoon went on, and the sun dappled through the trees, giving the impression that Spring is just around the corner.

Chateau at St Goursan

Church at Beaulieu

Monument at St Claud

 Cemetery in Parzac

Cute Cherub

Love the peacefulness this photo gives you

 Love the sky the sun just behind the cloud..

Another small stream

Sun dappling through the trees

  Another lovely skyline

Love the moss on the tree

 Love the reflection of the trees in the water

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  1. What a beautiful spot rural France is. Seeing your lovely photos bought back so many beautiful memories of how wonderful it is. 2011 spend a week in Mielan. Thanks for the memory.


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