Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The grandchildren are here.... :-)

2 of our Grandchildren are staying with us, Morgan & Bobbi, we had them last Summer for 5 weeks and had a great time, that much so they wanted to do it again this here are a few photos of their adventure so far....

We have been out for lovely meals, been swimming in the River Charente, Canoeing, and been playing with their cousins Max & Rosie. Morgan & Max camped in the garden all night along with Morgan's grandad. Morgan & Bobbi cut the grass with grandad on the sit on mower, a big help for grandad. One evening we went to a funfair, which the children thoroughly enjoyed , especially the Dodgem's, and the inflatable slide.They played cricket in the garden in temperatures of 40 deg, far too hot, but didn't seem to bother them. Bobbi & Rosie helped me to bake some cakes, they actually tasted quite nice, so will get them doing baking again. Lots of fun playing on the Hay stacks and jumping from one to another.......Morgan & Bobbi are going to finish painting the wheelbarrow today (Max & Rosie gone home) so we can then go and buy some plants to put in it and put it in the orchard...what this space, much to tell.

Bobbi (blue dress)& Rosie

Morgan & Bobbi Canoeing with Nannie & Grandad

Morgan cutting the grass

Bobbi cutting the grass

Morgan & Max at Cafe Portebleue in Verteuil.


Bobbi with the Chateau at Verteuil in the background

Bobbi & Rosie..

Morgan & Max luxury camping

Morgan, Bobbi, Max and Rosie at Poitier

All having fun at Poitier

All painting the wheelbarrow for the garden.

All on the inflatable slide

Morgan & Bobbi on the Dodgem's

All in the Orchard as it was very hot

Morgan and his Grandad, Max and his Grandad playing Cricket

Morgan & Max on our walk

Morgan having lunch at The Argentor in Nanteuil

Bobbi having lunch at The Argentor in Nanteuil

Lippy time

Morgan & Bobbi

Morgan , Bobbi and Max on the haystacks

All 3 with Maisie

Bobbi & Rosie helping me bake

Picnic by the River Charente

All swimming in the River along with a beautiful Swan

Morgan diving off Grandad's shoulders


Morgan, Bobbi and Grandad Canoeing

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