Sunday, 17 February 2013

Spring arrived today.... and been very busy

Spring did arrive today....we had a beautiful walk after a frosty start, but then the sun shone, the warmth on the sun came out, and the sky was very blue...SPRING... :-) but the most amazing thing was right above our heads in the garden, the Cranes arrived, a sure sign that Spring has arrived, they came in their hundreds, quite breath taking to see, they were making such a noise, I think to make us French people aware that "they are back"  .....  We managed to catch a few tits in the trees as well, the garden was full of birds today, flying around us as we worked on the Potager getting it ready for planting. 1st top cutting of the grass cut today, love the smell of nearly mown grass... now time for a cuppa..

Morning frost

Beautiful sky

Love walking through the woods

Love this photo

Sat and posed for me

Beautiful against the blue sky

Signing to me

refreshment time

Potager nearly rotavated

Lunch time

They arrived in their hundreds

All rotavated

Hundreds of them

Love the first cut of grass after Winter

Looking tidy again

Hubby hard at work

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