Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Snow has arrived in Rural France..

Woke up this morning to a covering off snow, looking out of the window it looks so clean, fresh and so light...the reflection from the snow lights up the dull dark days.

Wrapped up, we plod out for our morning walk, after our "semi" feral cats shoot in under our feet ready to snuggle up by the log fire.  Our birds in the garden were already out for breakfast...topping up to keep warm. Even our resident Hawk was perched up looking for food .....(hopefully not our little birdies)

It was very quiet out on the walk, I should think all the wildlife was scurrying under bushes etc to keep warm.


  1. Wow Marguerite, it looks so beautiful, like Christmas all over again!
    I bet it must be freezing.
    Keep warm!

  2. Just the right amount of snow. Love your birds in the snow photos.


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