Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday 1st July......Vide Grenier, then to a Grande Fête 1900 - 1930 in Champagne Mouton

Sunday I woke up to beautiful sunshine again and decided to go to Verteuil to a Vide grenier. Another lovely setting by a river and made a purchase...


The village of Verteuil-sur-Charente is located in the department of Charente of the french region Poitou-Charentes.
What makes this village a bit special is the massive Chateau which can be seen for miles.
When you arrive in Verteuil-sur-Charente and you see the Chateau it will remind you of a fairy castle with it's five towers and watchtower set on rocky outcrop overlooking the River Charente.
It really does dominate the village and has been in the La Rochefoucauld family for centuries. 

Vide Grenier

Vide Grenier

Beautiful setting, the River Charente.

In the River Charente around the village you will find a variety of fish and its rippling shallows are very popular with fly fisherman.

My Purchase

Grande Fête 1900 - 1930, in Champagne Mouton

In the afternoon we went to the Grande Fête 1900 - 1930, in Champagne Mouton, the village turned into the 1900's, it was really interesting and local people dressed for the occasion, the sun was shining and everyone had a lovely time, it was interesting to see how things were in times gone by...

Champagne Mouton is an attractive, Charantaise town with many original features and some important monuments. The church has been named as French National Monument since the 1800s, and is well worth a visit if you enjoy ancient architecture and artefacts. There is also an original Lavoir, or communal wash house in the town, which is in good condition and creates an interesting picture of life as it used to be in Champagne Mouton.

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