Sunday, 18 August 2013

Week 3 + 4 with the Tiddlywinks..

Week 3,  and Morgan & Bobbi's Mummy & Daddy arrived, they had a weeks holiday with us. Lots of playing in the pool, Golf, Chess and exploring in the fields..and found a very large Toad on our doorstep..

Family lunch with Morgan & Bobbi's Mummy & Daddy

Morgan & Eden

Morgan & Eden playing Chess

Eden playing Golf

Tiddlywinks in their Den

Mr Toad

Eden climbing


Morgan playing Golf

Bobbi, Eden, Avah and Morgan

Early morning swim..

2 Diva's

Den number 2

florence & Evie loving the haystacks

Big Tiddlywinks Supper

G&T for the big Tiddlywinks

Week 4, saw Morgan & Bobbi go home  :-(   and the arrival of Eden & Avah's Mummy & Daddy...

Plenty of swimming, and Eden & Avah can now swim, something they have learnt on their holiday to France.

Mummy & Daddy, Eden and Avah..

Kayaking in the River Charente

A lovely day at Rejallant, on the River Charente..
Avah looking for Fish

Went to an evening Fun Fair in Le Bouchage

Avah with her bling

Eden baked another delicious Chocolate cake for Mummy & Daddy..

Out for a family meal to Cafe Portebleue in Verteuil..

Chateau at Verteuil

Some more beautiful sunsets...

Tuesday 20th August the last of the Tiddlywinks go home..  :-(    back to being just Granddad and me....

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