Saturday, 5 January 2013

Start of 2013 walks....

2013...the start of our country walks for this year.  Although the weather has been relatively mild for the time of year, with the odd few frosty days..but its lovely to see sunshine and blue sky...


  1. Gorgeous pictures!
    Happy 2013, you live in a beautiful place!
    Sylvia S.

  2. I love the little details you are finding and photographing. I wish I could go for a walk without 8 inches of snow. Actually, the snow doesn't bother me so much, but the compacted snow that turns into ice does bother me.
    I hope you'll join in my Dreaming of France meme on Monday.

  3. I still like these photos! My blog says you updated recently, but I'm still seeing the post from Sunday. Of course, this is a wonderful post for Dreaming of France too.


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