Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Our holiday in the South of France ...part 3...

Whilst on holiday we were very privileged to witness some amazing sunrises and sunsets...sun rising over the Mediterranean sea and setting over the Alberes mountains.. breathtaking, on some you can see the fisherman already out getting their catch..

Some other photos of out trip too..A day in Banyuls sur Mer, Dinner and Cocktails with friends, some sculptures..

I hope you have enjoyed your trip around the South of France...

 Sun rising over the Mediterranean Sea

Sun setting over the Alberes Mountains..

Also a Full Moon while we were there...

We had a lovely day in Banyuls sur mer, a beautiful sunny hot day which enhanced the sparkling blue sea...and still enjoy the Frenchman playing petanque..

French Wedding...The cars are dressed with bows and ribbons and you can hear the procession miles away as they drive hooting their horns on their cars all the time...

Nature reserve for birdwatchers..years ago they used to stay in these wicker huts.

Dotted around were sculptures...very tastefully done.

Cocktails with friends on the Beach front, then for a meal in the Fish restaurant.

                    UNTIL NEXT TIME...BONNE VACANCES...

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