Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Restaurant du Château in Rochefoucauld...

Minding my own business this morning when hubby suddenly announces "We are going out for lunch for 12:30"...surprised, I replied "What's the occasion" ( as we have been busy gardening the last few days, and thought the same today)  " I fancy having a day off and thought I would take you to lunch" shower, changed (before he changes his mind) and off we go, I still have no idea where we are going..

We turn into Rochefoucauld, only to be greeted by the amazing Château that sits proud on the hill. A beautiful building and still fascinates me every time I see it.

The Restaurant sits by the River and overlooks the Château, a really stunning setting. We are directed to a lovely table by the window where we overlook the River, we can hear frogs croaking away and the birds singing.

The menu was delightful, and my usual indecisive self didn't know what to order, as there was so many nice delights to chose from..  my photos will show you what we decided to eat..

My view from our table

My view from our table

Restaurant du Château in Rochefoucauld

This meal belonged to the chap on the next table...Man v Beef

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  1. How perfectly charming! I like every little bit of it -- I'm especially entranced with the food styling -- so simple, so elegant.


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