Saturday, 25 May 2013

Ladies Lunch at Cafe Portebleue...

Another delicious lunch at Cafe Portebleue, I meet up with some lovely ladies every  1-2 months (must be more regular) for our Ladies Lunch, and we get together for a chat and a lovely meal. We do try different restaurants as we have so many good ones to choose from...Cafe Portebleue being one of the favourites.

                                                                  Ladies lunch

Cafe Portebleue has a lovely ambience about the place, a relaxing rustic restaurant, with very pleasant staff.....and the food, well, we keep going back, so they must be doing something right......actually, delicious.

Cafe Portebleue is in the beautiful village of Verteuil-sur-Charente, certainly a place to have a leisurely walk around and then finish off with a a beautiful lunch, a great day out...

The Village of Verteuil-sur-Charente

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