Monday, 1 October 2012

A beautiful walk towards Champagne Mouton..

(Yesterday was a productive day for us, we realised we had a 2nd Walnut tree with lost of Walnuts still there, as last year everyone was taken by the Red Squirrels. Some collected, so I am going to attempt to make Pesto with Walnuts instead of Pine my basil and garlic, also going to make a Coffee and Walnut to follow)

 After a good day, we had an Apero in the evening sun...

Again another beautiful walk, sun shining and clear blue skies. As the weather was so good we decided to do a different walk and so pleased we did. We walked through a wood, with lots of dappled sunshine, and the birds were singing away. A polecat popped out to see us but quickly disappeared, especially seeing Maisie.  All the beautiful sunflowers looked sad with their heads drooped, all the sun taken out of them and nearly ready for harvesting for seeds and oil.  On our way home we saw 2 Deer grazing away oblivious to us being there, quickly the camera was out and happily taking photos when one of them spotted me and just stared at me for quite a few minutes....probably wonder what is was...even people do that.. :-)  After a few photos, off it be seen another day....

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