Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Autumn is here....

Autumn is here, the temperature has dropped a tad, and the nights are drawing in, so time for getting the Wood organised for the log burners. I do love the log burners in the Winter, the snug warmth you get and the smell of wood burning makes you curl up with a hot drink............but hey we are not there yet. Only last Saturday, we sat outside and had an apero and a BBQ.

We have had some lovely morning walks in sunshine and rain. The beautiful Autumn colours are surrounding us as we walk.

                                                         Beautiful Autumnal colours

                                               We have a new member to the family... a Pheasant, she seems to pop out and see us most mornings.  Pheasant doing its little walk about..

Maisie eating blackberries

A visit one evening from a very large Toad

                                                              Maisie found a Mole

                                                          Met a Fungi on our walk

We have a family of Red Deer near us in the Woods just outside our house, they are young, but they enjoy giving a quick look then scamper off.

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